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Management Team
The players who seek challenging and dynamic working environment to give the best on whatever hurdles came in front. We believe strongly that it is only through the constant education and development of our team that Mittal Alloy Castings Co. will continuously grow and improve. We are empowered with a team who have brought Mittal Alloy Castings Co. on the zenith of various achievements with the experience and knowledge they have attained till date:


Er. R S Agarwal aged 70 years is Chairman and Whole Time Director of our Company. He is an Engineering Graduate and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical and a Master's Degree in Economics. He is a man of amiable nature, coupled with a resolute mind and farsightedness and vision to build up a successful industry He started his business career in 1978 by joining his family business of Coal Trading. Within a decade he established himself as a successful self-made entrepreneur in both industry and commerce. Having gained adequate experience, he has promoted a Castings unit in the Chhattisgarh.

Er. R S Agarwal


Er. Deepak Mittal aged 41 years is Managing Director of our Company. He is an Engineering Graduate and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Chemical and a Master's Degree in Business Administration. He has an illustrious career spanning over decades of contribution in the various fields of management with the help of his expertise knowledge and marketing skills, and good connections. Mr. Deepak started his business career as a trader, joining his family business. He is the second generation entrepreneur in Steel Castings Business and this provides him vast knowledge about Steel Industry.

Er. Deepak Mittal
Managing Director

Mrs. Renu Agarwal is Director in our company. She is a Master's Degree holder in Economics and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) from the Institute of Chartered Financial Analyst of India (ICFAI). Mrs. Renu Agarwal is having the vast experience in the areas of economic and financial research and analyses; management consulting, restructuring and governance; and competitiveness studies for various industrial sectors.

Mrs. Renu Mittal